Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment

Before& After Glycolic Hair Treatment

Keratin Complex’s Advanced Glycolic Smoothing Treatment now available at St. James Place Salon!

A keratin infusion treatment that is packed with glycolic acid and enriched with botanical extracts to create softness and shine BUT unlike other keratin treatments, you can wash and style it right away. That’s right, no three-day wait time or worrying about creating a permanent kink by tucking it behind your ear like other keratin services. Results last up to five months, depending on how often you shampoo.
Glycolic acid is a popular anti-aging active that has been used for years in skin care applications. Tests also indicate that glycolic acid can be used deliver important benefits to hair ~ enhancing the protection and manageability of hair by conditioning, moisturizing, strengthening and preventing breakage, in both healthy and bleached hair. Adding glycolic acid to hair care formulations enables products to impart lubricity to hair, resulting in less friction and entanglement during combing and brushing, and making hair more manageable, easier to style and significantly less prone to breakage.

Hair care products with glycolic acid also strengthen hair and help to maintain moisture at higher temperatures for longer times, better protecting hair against the use of high temperature styling appliances.

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