Baobab Leave-In Treatment

Baobab Heal and Repair Leave-In Treatment

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Here are some ideas on how to position Ends Mender with Baobab Leave-In as I have been asked this frequently.

Baobab Leave-In is your heal and repair to increase strength, elasticity, moisture and provide the hair a much more youthful experience. “Youth in a bottle”

SuperRich Ends Mender uses bonding polymers to somewhat “glue” the split ends together providing a healthier look to the hair between washes (i.e. clients that are growing hair and don’t want a major cut, but need it), helps to prevent the hair from continuing to split between washes, and helps to seal down fly-aways.

Baobab is your “Neosporin” and Ends Mender is your “band-aid”.

Baobab Heal & Repair Leave-In Treatment

Baobab Heal and Repair Leave-In Treatment
In a single use, even the thirstiest, most damaged locks are repaired, rehydrated, revitalized and full of new life with maximum color and heat protection. Visibly reset hair’s age while restoring it back to optimum condition.

375% Stronger Hair*
510% Greater Damage Recovery*
Proprietary blend of the African super fruit, Baobab, along with soy lipids, exclusive proteins, Keravis and rare essential oils strengthen, fortify and repair from the inside out
Miracle molecules from the Resurrection Plant work at the microscopic level to deeply quench and restore vital moisture to allow for total regeneration
Seals hair’s cuticle for optimum moisture retention, preventing future moisture loss and protecting against breakage
Infuses youthful vitality and heals for instantly softer, shiny, resilient strands
Delivers unsurpassed color and heat protection

Stay tuned … my next post will feature details on SuperRich® Split Ends Mender … another MUST-TRY!!

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