BC FIBRE FORCE ~ Client Testimonial

St James Place Salon

Everybody’s loving BC Fibre Force!!

Revolution In Hair Care: New BC FIBRE FORCE offers strengthening care for over-processed hair for hair that is 10x more resistance to breakage.

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BC FIBRE FORCE Bond Connector Infusion & BC FIBRE FORCE Bonding Cream ~ specialized treatment for damaged & over-processed hair NOW AVAILABLE at St. James Place!!!

Don’t just take our word for it … here is a client testimonial:

“Fibreforce comes with a promise to treat even the most damaged hair, so I initially hope it will be super reconstructive, but what a surprise to me to notice SO MUCH hydration from this product!
It is super emollient, my hair straightened out very nicely. The smell is soft and tasty, and the texture is that traditional of the brand, perfect to penetrate well into the hair shaft.
The result of this magic formula extremely hydrated, soft, and rebuilt hair! The take home products are still keeping my hair beautiful! Actually, it gets better everyday! Really exceptional!”
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