Check out Graviola.

It is a homeopathic natural supplement that I have gotten turned on to and works on so many things. You should check it out and is not a new thing but Slan-kettering cancer center does endorse it 🙂 thought of you may want to start using it as well now to help rebuild your immunity if nothing more. It has been stated that its 1000x stronger than chemo and has been know too destroy even the cancer cells that are resistant to memo and radiation. It is not a thing a doctor will tell you about cause its not a money making item not is it endorsed bu the FDA or AMA since its not able to be controlled or regulated or made money off since its in the natural and homeopathic… PLEASE check it out for yourself and look on youtube for some of the other aspects of it.

Just thinking about you and thing it might be helpful.

~ Your Friend,

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