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Do you really know what’s in your hair color…? I mean, we all know that when we get our hair colored the stylist is using chemicals to alter our hair color and composition BUT do you know which chemicals are actually being used … and even more important … do you know if you’re allergic to any of them? A bad hair day is one thing however, a bad burnt scalp day is an extremely worse situation.

Allergy to paraphenylenediamine
What is paraphenylenediamine and where is it found?

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical substance that is widely used as a permanent hair dye. The use of PPD as a hair dye is popular because it is a permanent dye that gives a natural look. Hair can also be shampooed without becoming decoloured and perming to achieve waves or curls can be done without difficulty. PPD hair dyes usually come packaged as 2 bottles, one containing the PPD dye preparation and the other containing the developer or oxidizer. PPD is a colourless substance that requires oxygen for it to become coloured. It is this intermediate, partially oxidised state that may cause allergy in sensitive individuals.

What are the reactions to PPD allergy?

Reaction caused by the use of hair dye in mild cases usually only involves dermatitis to the upper eyelids or the rims of the ears. In more severe cases, there may be marked reddening and swelling of the scalp and the face. The eyelids may completely close and the allergic contact dermatitis reaction may become widespread. Severe allergy to PPD can result in contact urticaria and rarely, anaphylaxis.

Special thanks to DermNet for the detailed info!

What should I do to avoid PPD allergy?

Talk to your stylist today about using hair color products with natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals! Here at St. James Place we are currently offering 2 such product lines for you to choose from. We take pride in not only our work, but offering our clients top notch products as well.

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