Heal + Repair Your Hair with ColorProof Baobab


From the harsh, arid deserts of Africa, introducing the most powerful, life-giving nutrition on the planet – the remarkable Baobab super fruit from the legendary “Tree of Life.”

Now Available at St. James Place ~ Third Ward Salon
Available in 2.0 fl oz (travel size), 8.5 fl oz (regular size),
or you can stock up on LITERS!!

Baobab shampoo+conditioner

The mighty Baobab tree succeeds where nothing else can, on outcrops of pink granite rising out of the desert, in salt flats, and in lands wracked with drought. And yet, its fruit is loaded with the most potent and life-giving nutrition on earth delivering:

6 x More Vitamin C than Oranges
6 x More Antioxidants than Acai Berries
6 x More Antioxidants than Blueberries
6 x More Potassium than Bananas
2 x More Calcium than Milk
66% More Iron than Spinach

Baobab Heal & Repair infuses new life, new vitality and new intensity. In a single use hair is reborn, rejuvenated, fresh and vibrant with maximum color and heat protection.

Before - After Baobab Shampoo + Conditioner

Revolutionary hydration-sustaining Baobab
Power Complex rapidly restores dwindling moisture
levels while healing hair and resisting future damage.
An anti-aging treatment so powerful, strength and
resilience instantly surge while delivering
astonishing health and youthful condition.

Baobab Strengthing Hair

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